Music in Australia


Indigenous Music

The jaxter culture is inseparable from Australian music, and it’s a part of traditions dating back thousands of years. The aboriginal culture of Australia is filled with the indigenous music which is often found in ceremonies and important community activities.


Contemporary Music

The contemporary music played a vital role in the twentieth and 21st centuries in illustrating Australia’s contemporary music identity, in actively contributing to our cultural expression internationally and building bridges with the broader Australian community.

Folk, Bush and Country Music

Folk music has existed in Australia since ages, and most of the local communities have folk festivals and folk clubs to celebrate their country music.

Contemporary Popular Music

Rock has always been a major part of Australian music. It has limitless genres and subcategories. Our artists have been trying all of it: electronic, alternative, hip-hop, grunge, hip-hop, funk, punk, progressive rock, indie and soul. All of these have many subcategories and over a dozen variants. These multiple genres and types provide a niche for every taste and type of music lover.

World, Roots and Blues Music

These are the styles that are rooted in Australian music tradition. Music can be stylistically distinct, and songs are sung in original languages. This type of music also includes classical music from beyond the West including Japanese, Indian, Chinese and other Asian styles.

Jazz Music

With its origin from the west, jazz is an art form that fuses art and music. Jazz music ranges from different styles and is mostly improvised. Australia has a high-quality jazz picture, with famous locations and surrounding suburbs, jazz clubs in main centres around the country, and a variety of festivals.

Art Music

Australia has a rich tradition of Western classical music with every capital having active chamber music, professional orchestras, and professional opera companies, hundreds of choirs, orchestras and ensembles that are community-based. It has multiple forms; few best known are early or medieval music, classical, romantic, contemporary and new music.


In Australia, orchestral activity is at the heart of the music is often called the cultural identity of a city. Orchestras have the power to reach out to largest audiences, and they provide the most consistent employment for classical performers.

Chamber Music

It is a small scale classical music which is designed historically for close and warm settings, or ‘chambers’, and popular instrument combinations are quartets trios and quintets. Performances are presented at public and recital halls and by some independent presenters and performing arts centres.

New Music

New music is art music or contemporary classical composed in the 20th and 21st centuries. Australia posses a large number of high-quality ensembles out of which many focus on performing works by Australian composers.


All these genres are represented in our annual event. There are many music awards in the competitions are other event organisers as well, but most of the global artists come to this event without a miss. Also, it never fails to attract people from all around the globe who have started coming in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs already.

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