How to Prepare for Your First Music Festival?

Attending your first music festival can often feel daunting and overwhelming, particularly if you have not been to many such festivals before. There are plenty of precautions you must take. Such festivals are known to be full of good vibes, especially if you are going with friends and the music is great. There is just nothing that matches the excitement of the first music festival.

You are more than likely to enjoy live music in Melbourne. Even though such festivals might be fun, not staying prepared can prove to be a blunder from your side. You would not want to ruin your experience just because you were not prepared completely. But, it is important to know the best way to prepare yourself. Here is how to prepare for your first music festival.

1.  Wear Comfortable Shoes

Ideally, you should refrain from wearing open-toed shoes, including slides and flip-flops. Rather, it is a good idea to just go with sneakers since they are one of the most comfortable options. If you wear sneakers, your feet will likely be safeguarded from getting stepped on, which is always a possibility when there is a huge crowd. It is worth noting that the weather might change as well. You would not prefer to step in mud when the rain will pour down. However, it is best to avoid wearing your most expensive sneakers. This is because the shoes you wear to the music festival in Melbourne have a higher chance of getting dirty, which is why you must refrain from wearing your favourite pair.

2.  Try to Stay Hydrated

If you are attending a music festival in summer, it is more than likely that it will get really hot. Drinking water at regular intervals throughout the day becomes almost a must. You will find plenty of water refill stations at the festival. Ideally, you should try to bring an empty bottle like a hydro flask. This is because filled bottles are prohibited at the majority of locations. One of the exceptions is camelbacks and they are a very simple way to access your water. There are very few things as important as staying hydrated at the music festival because you will likely walk around all day, and your body will need to be replenished from time to time.

3.  Keep Your Phone Charged

It is a must to ensure your phone is fully charged before you make your way to the music venue. In case you get separated from the people that you came with for any specific reason, you will need to contact them. In such a situation, you will be happy that you charged your phone. At most festivals, people are allowed to bring portable chargers, so if your phone does get discharged, you will be able to charge it. Regardless of whether you charge your phone beforehand or take a portable charger with you, ensuring your phone is charged is highly important.

Wrapping Up

It is true that you will feel excited to go to your first music festival. However, you would not want to ruin your experience by not staying prepared. Follow the tips mentioned in this article to prepare for your first music festival.