Tips to Support Your Local Music Scene

Struggles and Success is a part and parcel of every musician. However, without the support of local community, it is impossible for an artist to nurture their skills and develop a successful career in the competitive music industry in Victoria.

That’s why local indie artists look forward for music events and festivals where they can showcase their talent to the world. It is important to keep the city’s live music scene active and thriving to produce the next big singer, musician and composer.

Focus on boosting the morals of musicians in the local area and give them the platform to perform. Here are some of the best ways to promote local music and let people shape their career as musicians.

Let’s Get Started!


1. Hosting an Open Mic

Open Mic Nights are one of the most vibrant ways to support musicians and the local music venues. This event promises to draws the interested crowd because the artists participating will invite their friends, family and colleagues to showcase their live performance. This will help local music businesses as well.

Local and budding singers, bands and musicians can participate in open mic event every week and get a chance to grow as an artist.

2. Organising the Bands Battle Event

This is also one of the amazing events where different genre of local bands can come, perform and battle with other bands. Whether you have rock band or a pop, participate in the Battle of Band event and challenge yourself.

3. Themed Music Festival

Melbourne is known for hosting numerous fun and entertaining music festivals. An individual artist can look for local music festivals and participate in the festival.

If you love playing any instrument, bring it on and entertain the audience. Let people groove on your beats and that’s how the community grows and succeed.

4. Include Music to Other Events

The local community can hire musicians for parties like birthdays, weddings and corporate events. This is one of the best ways to support local music scene and let musicians and singers showcase their talent and create a successful career.

5. Support them on Social Media Platforms

Make sure you subscribe to the local musicians’ social media pages, such as Youtube channels and instagram account. This will boost their confidence and help you focus on their talent.

It can be good if you share their work with your friends and family. A small effort can help you support the local musicians in Melbourne.

6. Recommend Them to Perform at Office and Home Parties

Most corporate offices and even homes host fun-filled events and they look for talented musicians to enhance the feel of the evening. If possible, recommend a local musician or artist to your manager. This way, you can also enjoy a live music in Melbourne and help them grow as individual artists.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the important things to remember when supporting local musicians in Melbourne, Victoria. Through events, live performances and other programs, local artists can showcase their talent and write an inspiring success story.